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Platinum Club

  1. What is Platinum Club?
    Platinum Club is a new reward and recognition programme that offers exclusive benefits and privileges to our valued customers and their family members.
  2. When was Platinum Club launched?
    Platinum Club was launched on 16 October 2008.
  3. Who is eligible for the membership of Platinum Club?
    To be a Platinum Club member, the StarHub residential customer must meet the following criteria at the point of enrolment:
    • Subscribes to at least one of the following StarHub services: post-paid Mobile services, StarHub TV services and/or MaxOnline services;
    • Spends on average of $350 per month on StarHub's services over a period of six consecutive months
    • Has active StarHub service(s) over a period of six consecutive months
    • Does not have any outstanding bills

    Enrolment to the Program will be determined at StarHub's absolute discretion.
  4. What happens if my spending falls below $350 in one of the 6 months?
    The six-month eligibility period is a moving window. If you do not qualify in the last six months due to one month's lower-than-average bill, we will review your eligibility from the first month when the spending falls within the criterion.
  5. What are the benefits a member can enjoy?
    The Platinum Club member can enjoy the following:

    Platinum Priority
    • Platinum Club Priority Queue
    • Platinum Dedicated Hotline: 1800-822-6868 or 65 6822 6868 (overseas)

    Platinum Services
    2-hour express SIM card replacement and delivery via hotline 1633*
    • Enjoy 8-days mobile exchange service at any Customer Service Centres*
    • Enjoy fee waiver when you activate any Value Added Service or require any FREE installation*, Service Call or Delivery Services
    • Enjoy 15% off mobile accessories at StarHub shops
    • Priority invitation to experience new StarHub services
    Terms and conditions apply 

    Platinum Events
    Blockbuster movies, superstar concerts, premier launches. Enjoy red carpet treatment with the Platinum Club's exclusive invites to the most exciting events in town as well as our special Platinum Club Monthly events.

    Platinum Offerings
    Live life to the fullest with the Platinum Club's exclusive merchant offers and rewards from our esteemed partners. Enjoy the best, select products and services only for the privileged few.
  6. How do I sign up for the Platinum Club Membership?
    This membership is strictly by special invitation. We will mail the Platinum Club welcome pack to eligible StarHub Customers. For more information and latest updates, please visit our website at
  7. How do I know if I am a Platinum Club member?
    We will mail the Platinum Club welcome pack to eligible StarHub Customers. For more information and latest updates, please visit our website at
  8. Do I need to pay for the membership?
    There is no membership fee for Platinum Club.
  9. How long is the membership?
    Membership is valid for a period of 12 months from the month of enrolment.
  10. Can I apply for supplementary membership for my family members?
    There is no need for you, a Platinum Club member, to apply for membership for your family members. As long as they subscribe to StarHub service(s) and have these registered under the same service/billing address as yours, the membership will automatically be extended to them. Please refer to our welcome pack for more information on the exclusive benefits and privileges that StarHub's Platinum Club members can enjoy.
  11. What is the difference between a Platinum Club and Hub Club member?
    The difference is Platinum Club is based on a monthly average spending of $350 per month whereas a Hub Club membership is based on the customer's subscription to our 3 services. For more information on Hub Club, please visit us for more information on Hub Club.

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