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Thu, Jun 4, 2020 1:00 AM

How to request for separation or merging of your accounts?

Do you need to merge numbers from different accounts to the same account? Do you want to separate an account with multiple mobile numbers? If yes, you need to take into account this information before you decide to separate or merge your accounts.


✔  No outstanding balance on the account when requesting for separation or merging of account.

✔  DataTravel Add-on will be dropped upon merging or separation of accounts.

✔  The separating/merging of account might affect your Hub Club discounts. To continue enjoying your discounts, make sure your StarHub Postpaid Mobile, TV and Home Broadband remained registered under the same subscriber name, NRIC/FIN and service/registered address.

✔  The processing time to merge or separate accounts is 3 working days.

✔  There is no administration fee for separating or merging of accounts.

✔  The existing nominated payment modes for accounts to be merged/separated will not be carried over to the merged/new account. You will be required to re-apply for such payment modes.

✔  Once your request for the separation or merging of account is completed your forthcoming bill will be pro-rated.


For Separation of Accounts:

  • A new account number will be generated by the system.
  • The new account may not follow the same billing cycle as the previous account.

For Merging of Accounts:

  • You must choose which account will be discarded among the accounts you want to merge.


To request for the separation or merging of your accounts, you may send a message to our Customer Care Support Team on Facebook or Twitter where a relevant team will further assist you.





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