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Wed, Apr 21, 2021 6:16 AM

How to Pick the Best StarHub Postpaid Plan for you?

How to Pick the Best StarHub Postpaid Plan for you?

Postpaid plans will get the most out of your smartphone experience. No more running out of data in watching an online video or not having enough SMS and call minutes to stay in touch with your loved ones especially when something urgent comes up. 

But, how do you know which postpaid plan is best for you? Luckily, we have this quick guide for you to help choose the best StarHub Postpaid plan for you. 

What type of mobile phone user are you? 

The answer to this question will determine your base postpaid plan. 

  • I’m a regular caller and texter 

If you frequently send SMS and make calls to contact people, your postpaid plan should focus on this. Our Mobile+ plans and SIM Only plans offer SMS and talk time. The best part? The plans include mobile data usage. There’s also an option to upsize your plan for more talk time and SMS anytime you want with no contract or activation fees.  

  • I’m a heavy mobile data user 

If most of the time you use your smartphone to stream all day, play online games or connect with your family and friends through social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, then a mobile plan with more data is better for you.  

What’s the best value deal for you? 

Based on your answer to the first question, when you choose your mobile plan, you should weigh in what’s its inclusions: 

  • Number of calls and textsChoose between unlimited or more consumable SMS/calls depending on your needs. Keep in mind that more consumable SMS/calls mean higher cost of your monthly plan, so be mindful of your budget. 
  • Data allocation: Choose a plan that will cover your data needs for each month. So, you better consider your social media and online usage habits. 
  • Plan freebies and inclusionsAll our postpaid plans come with freebies; however, it depends on your chosen plan. For Mobile+ plans, it includes free incoming calls & Number Caller Display, and free limited StarHub TV+, Disney+ & Antstream subscriptions. Meanwhile, SIM Only plans come with free incoming calls only.  

What are your other preferences? 

  • Do you need a new handset? 

With the Mobile+ plan, it’s possible to get a new smartphone without paying for a new handset. However, this depends on your chosen handset since sometimes a cash-out is needed.  

  • Are you fine to have a mobile plan with a lock-in period? 

Lock-in periods are typically for mobile plans that include a new handset, such as the Mobile+ plans. Whereas our SIM Only plans are perfect if you don’t want a contract binding you to your plan. Moreover, we also have SIM Only plans with 1-year plan.  

Now, you know how to pick the best StarHub Postpaid plan for you! You can now browse and sign up for any of our postpaid plans easily via our Online Store  

~ Carla



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