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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 5:40 AM

Port from Starhub prepaid to postpaid

Hi, good afternoon,

Recently i bought giga card, and only after that i realised i need to port my Starhub PREPAID to POST PAID before port to giga.   However after searching few days in the website, can't find any FOC porting from pre to post paid for Starhub.

Seemlike there is no free porting from prepaid to POST PAID  ?
The cheapest is the sim no contract $25 / mth ?
No Free Of Charge ?    Maybe i am wrong.
If i am right, this is really dissapointing.  Wasted my giga $10+delivery chgrg $2 = $12.


8361 3xxx  (prepaid card number)
nric  Sxxxxxx71G





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a month ago

Hi @Qing ChinCai, you may refer to this self-help article on how to port-in your StarHub prepaid to postpaid

~ Carla



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