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Fri, Jan 4, 2019 5:00 AM

Balance lost when mifi is just turned on?

Bought a Starhub Happy card as I've heard it is economical for roaming overseas. However, I've just stumbled upon the horrors of sudden depletion of main balance in this main forum. It's more rampant than I thought! 


I'm due to be travelling soon and hope to sort out this sudden deductions issue on the main balance. I'm worried this will cause my balance to drop below the minimum $3 (or is it still $8? So confusing!) required for roaming services. 


I've put the prepaid on my mifi to test it locally. I've had the balance drain from $25 to $16+ without warning and then when I've only just connected to the mifi from my laptop to check on configuration of the mifi device, it's gone down to $8. 


Please STARHUB, be more transparent about all this, and at least give an itemised deduction history. 


Any pointers from more experienced users?? Are there settings/apps I should be turning on or off on my laptop or phone while configuring the mifi? Or any Starhub staff care to help? 




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2 years ago

Please PM us your subscriber name and mobile number >> HERE << we’ll arrange for assistance. Thank you. - Jeremy 

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