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Mon, Nov 23, 2020 9:48 AM

Wrong contract plan registered, refuse to reply

Has anyone encountered an issue where the plan signed up for you is different from what you originally planned for? 

I did encounter several issues while signing up online (number suddenly not available, address blanks crashed, meant to write "Singapore" as the location but can't fill.. etc). It was a super frustrating process trying to get my signup to the last page, and eventually payments.. 

And now when I have tried calling up and emailing the customer service, they just kept redirecting me and saying that it is beyond their control. Has anyone been successful with such cases? Could you share how you managed to resolve it?

Please help!!! It's so tiring all these back and forth... All I wanted was a good plan...




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1 y ago

Hi @Distressed User, sorry to hear about this. We regret to inform you but a change of order made on the Online Store is not allowed.