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Tue, May 7, 2019 11:00 PM

Where is my paid phone???



I recontracted online on my mum’s behalf yesterday morning (around 10am) and received the email confirmation immediately after payment was made.


  1. There was no option for the phone to be delivered, only click and collect hence I selected Plaza Sing outlet
  2. Email confirmation indicated that collection can be made within 15 mins to 2 days
  3. Went down last night (around 7pm) and was told that the order was cancelled due to some IT issue and online store team is responsible for it?! So how did the payment went through and how did I get the email confirmation? So I literally paid for the phone but get nothing in vain? Is this a scam or what?
  4. Staff at counter 20 PROMISED to give a call back by last night to update me on the status – no calls until now
  5. Called 1630 at 11am today and was agent Melia said there was no record of recontract and I gave her the Order Confirmation ID and she said will call me back in 1 hour
  6. 3 hours passed, no calls no updates. Called 1630 again another agent said Melia will call me back….
  7. So Starhub, your departments are pushing responsiblities to one another, so WHO CAN HELP TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE?


I will need to collect the phone latest by tomorrow, 9 May 2019. If this could not be resolve in time, we will not hesitate to cancel all our subscriptions with Starhub since the most basic customer satisfaction can’t even be met. We have been Starhub's loyal customers for more than 15 years! 


Please do as promised to give me a call back BY TODAY! 



Pissed off customer of Starhub,



Lyn L

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2 y ago

Hi Sherlynn, our sincere apologies for the service experience and inconvenience caused. As per check, our colleague had contacted you on this matter earlier on.

Thank you.

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2 m ago

I am experiencing this same issue again since yesterday morning. still not solved. i am 15 years with starhub. starhub going to lose many customers because of this. my whole extended family is with starhub. will have to cancel and make a switch. Nonsense service to a loyal customer.

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