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Fri, Apr 14, 2017 7:00 AM

What is Payable Data Usage?

I have a 4G4 plan, wth 4GB data entitltement, on a contract renewed about 3 months ago. However, in every bill since, I have been charged $10 for Payable Data Usage, even though my consumption is consistently below 4GB.

There apparently is a breakdown for

1. Total Local Data Usage

2. Within Gee

3. Free Shared Data Usage

4. Payable Data Usage


How & when is data consumption payable even when I am below my Free limit? Kindly enlighten. Thank you



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3 years ago

1. Total Local Data Usage: >  

Calculation is based on Upload and Download of data usage.


2. Within Gee: >

Currently, gee may no longer in use.

In replaced, for postpaid the APN name: "SH Data Postpaid" and APN: "shwap"

Refer to the phone setting on Mobile network > Access Point Names (APN)


3. Free Shared Data Usage: >  If you are referring to Shareplus VAS.

*quote from user: razorpro: > "shareplus is indeed shared and the bundle is shared,

But the excess charges are not."



4. Payable Data Usage: > 

As long as it exceed the plan data, it is payable.


4. Payable Data Usage: >  Free with exception.

As for excess access to SHP websites and Starhub Go app, it is free for postpaid plans only.

But if it visit &or link to any other websites, especially on the Advert, it is payable.


4. Payable Data Usage: > Calculation on the cost per data usage.

*quote from Santosh Rai: > 

Mobile Local Excess data charges are calculated through the illustration below.


- Data usage..........................- Rates

1KB ..........................................= $0.000107

1MB   (1024KB x $0.000107)  = $0.109658

90MB   (90 x $0.109658) ....... = $9.86112

110MB  (110 x $0.109568) ... = $12.05248


But note the usage of 110MB of local excess data charges on ala-carte basis would be $12.052480, however StarHub charges in block of 1GB (1024MB) at rate of $10.70 and this would be more cost effective as compare to per MB charging methodology.

** unquoted


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