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Mon, Jan 14, 2013 4:00 PM

Upgrading of plan



I am currently on my 11 months of my hubclub line. I wish to recontract but was told that I need to wait for another month.


If i am to upgrade my line from power100 to surf lite plan, can I recontract now?


Please advise.




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9 y ago

Are you referring to a 2nd line that is on Power Value 100 that you wish to re-contract to SmartSurf Lite?
If it is on the 13th month and less than 21 months, you would be able to do an early re-contract but would need to pay an Early Recontract Fee of $ 200 (considering it as a non-iPhone contract).
If it is way past the 21st month, you would not need to pay this sum.

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