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Fri, Mar 22, 2019 3:00 AM

Unclear about recontract

Hi so basically i have a couple of questions as this is the first time i would need to recontract my phone because i was a prepaid user previously.

My S8 contract would expire on 11th May 2019.

Firstly, is it a NEED to purchase a new phone to recontract? What if i chose to stick to the same phone?

Secondly, I received a recontract voucher of $100 but expired in February as I did'nt feel the need to get a new phone then. Will there be another recontract voucher or was that a one time thing?





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2 years ago

Hi hendacagon


Thank you for checking with us. The recontract is meant to offer a discounted handset, for a contract of 2-years, alongside with any ongoing promotions. If you do not wish to get a new handset, you can wait for your contract to end, and change to a SIM-Only plan. You can view the pricing of our SIM-Only plan at


For details on your second query, please drop me a PM with your registered name, registered mobile number and Hub ID/email address by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < for me to arrange for assistance. Thank you.


- Jackson

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