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Sat, Nov 21, 2020 7:10 AM

Starhub failed to port my number... my phone number is LOST!

How difficult it is to port a number from another telco?   It took starhub more than 10 days still not able to port my number from Singtel.  what make it worst is starhub terminated my old number from Singtel and I am stucked with the temporary number assigned to me.

I am not able to perform any banking services and govt services because the OTP will only be sent to my old number.

I had called your customer service, the person refuses to escalate the call to get the issue resolved.





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11 days ago

Hi @jl123, sorry for all the troubles regarding your port in. It's not the experience we're aiming for you to have. As I'm unable to check your account details here in the Community. Please send a message to our Customer Service Support Team via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below. Thank you. 

~ Carla



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