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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 6:46 AM



My 2-year contract ends 26/11/20.

1) Can I change my existing phone plan to a Sim Only Plan?

2) Can I do it now, 3-months before contract ends, or have to wait till the full 2 year?

3) Does Hub Discount of 30% apply to Sim Only, 1-year plan and all Starhub promotions? 

4) What is 1000 minutes +Limited time: Free 12 Months Unlimited Talktime? Does it means: First 12 months is free talktime and after that will be 1000 minutes talktime? The 1000 minutes is Call In / Call Out or consists of Both Calls? 

5) For the 4G $50 SIM Only 1-year Plan : After the $15 discount  for 12Mth, is this $20 subject to the Hub discount of 30%?

6) Can I change to the Senior Go Digital Plan as I am 62 yrs old and will this be included in the Hub Club discount of 30%?







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9 m ago

Hi @richardgan1958, thank you for your continued support to Starhub. I'd be glad to assist you with your questions.


1. Yes, you can change your existing mobile plan to a SIM Only plan.


2. Once you fulfil at least 21 months of your existing 2 years contract, you will be eligible for recontract. 


3. The SIM Only plan is counted as one of the lines to Hub Club membership, however, it will not enjoy any Hub Club discount. 


4. The FREE 12-month unlimited talk-time promotion is only applicable for 12 consecutive months with sign-up to 4G SIM Only 1-year plans. Thereafter, the plan will revert to the original bundle of 1,000 outgoing minutes. 


5. The $15 monthly bill rebate for 4G $50 SIM Only 1-year plans is applicable for 12 consecutive months, thereafter the plan will revert to $50 every month. However, as mentioned earlier, SIM Only plans do not enjoy Hub Club discounts. 


6. Yes, you may recontract to Senior Go Digital Plan. Unfortunately, the Senior promotion is mutually exclusive with HubClub and CIS discounts. This means if you sign up with Senior promotion, HubClub or CIS discounts will not apply.


~ Carla



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