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Tue, Jul 13, 2021 8:19 AM

Regarding my overdue payment

Good afternoon, I understand I have a overdue payment of $200+, this few months I have been tight with with money. So was unable to pay the bills, I actually am ready to pay the bill by end of the month. But suddenly I just receive a message that my bill was $1000+, when I saw it and I was shocked. Later I found out is termination charge. I'm writing to say that I wish to continue the line by just paying the overdue payment without the termination charge. But I have to inform you that, I am only able to pay by end of this month. Hope to receive from you guys soon.





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2 m ago

Hi @user_4fb4fe, I'm sorry to hear about your predicament. Unfortunately, I'm unable to assist you here in the Community as we don't have access to account details here for security. May I trouble you to please contact our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below so they could further assist you. Thanks. 

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