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Tue, Aug 17, 2021 3:07 PM

Recontract Voucher

Hi, my mobile 24-mths contract is ending next month. May i enquire how to request for recontract vouchers or am i eligible for it? I do receive a message stating "enjoy up to $300 off any handset with your recontract voucher but there is not exact value to it.




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2 m ago

Hi @user_df644f, warmest welcome to GreenR Community! We're happy to learn about your interest to recontract with us. We now have a new Recontract Voucher scheme wherein the Recontract Voucher will no longer have an expiry date so you can use them anytime you want on a handset you like. You will only see the recontract voucher after selecting the eligible line to recontract. See sample screenshot below:



Moreover, the value of the voucher will be rewarded according to the tier of the mobile plan you will sign up for – the higher the tier of the mobile plan, the higher the voucher value. For example, if you are currently on a $50 2-year plan and decide to recontract to a Mobile+ $95 2-year plan, you will enjoy a $100 voucher instead of the current $50.


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