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Thu, Oct 18, 2018 7:00 AM

recontract voucher

i had received a starhub letter of $200 off to recontract for the note 9 phone,after checking out the price online it was $ i call CS asking if i can use the voucher online but as stated in the letter itself i can only use it at starhub i ask the CS for the price at the shop and he said it was $589 minus the voucher it will be $389...more expensive than the online whats the point of sending the recontract voucher...when i ask the CS if i got any evoucher he said yes i have a $50 evoucher but when i try to purchase it online theres no indication of the evoucher at my purchase, the price is still $339...very very disappointed.



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2 years ago

Hi awyzaryanz, 


Can you provide me with your details (Registered Name, Registered Mobile Number and Hub ID/Email Address) via PM so that I will be able to check and assist you better on this? - Han


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