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Mon, Sep 20, 2021 12:46 PM

Recontact mobile starhub customer

Letter of Authorisation




Dear Sir / Madam,


I,  Lee Yit Moi  (Name of Customer),  XXXXXXXXX  (NRIC/ FIN/ Passport Number), hereby authorize Hun Yen Kiew  (Name of Proxy),  XXXXXXXXX (Proxy’s NRIC/ FIN/ Passport Number), to receive/collect the SIM card(s)/devices on my behalf.


I confirm that the authorized person named above is over the age of 18 and will have on hand the documents set out below for verification by your staff: -


  1. My Original NRIC
  2. Authorisation Letter duly signed by me
  3. My Appointed Proxy’s own Original NRIC




Yours Sincerely,




Lee Yit Moi                         

Signature of Customer                                  Date:20-09-2021

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