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Sun, Nov 14, 2021 2:11 AM

Poor StarHub Service (Complain and Feedback)

I would like to document and bring to your attention what I would deem as a horrifying experience with Starhub which commence from 9th October 2021.


Despite being a loyal subscriber with Starhub for almost 10 years, since 2012 till to-date, I found myself being subjected to unclear explanation and unjustifiable charges in my attempt to recontract my mobile line with purchase of device.


I was first faced with the challenge of having deal with a stringent rule from Starhub, despite re-contracting and authorising my sister to receive the device on behalf, she is required to possess my original IC. This is absolutely ridiculous as I would need my IC with during my workday and it would appear that Starhub does not accept nor acknowledge any other form of authorisation. In view of the difficulties encountered, I had proceeded to enquire thru your customer service hotline about the cancelling the full transaction – recontract & purchase of device. I had enquired and was assured that cancellation is possible and that I would not be subject to any cancellation fees or penalties.


However, when I received my bill dated 20 October2021, to my shocking horror, I was charged a total of SGD2,471.90 which comprises of the following:-


• Mobile Termination Charge – SGD $2,042.00
• GSM Downgrade Plan Fee – SGD $429.90


I had at that very instant called your customer service hotline to seek clarity and justification. It was only then that I was advised, there was indeed a charge and that a request for waiver was filed but subject to approval. And such approval may take up to a three (3) bill cycle to be reflected (if approved).


I felt scammed into this entire billing charges saga anddemand an immediate refund of these unsolicited charges as they were already debited from my account.


Last but not least, for the recontract device, I had paid a SGD $518.00 which the customer service officer had mentioned the amount would be refunded within 4weeks. It has been 5 weeks and I still have not sighted the refund.


If you could look into this as a priority, and assist in the immediate refund, that would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I would proceed to look into lodging an official case against Starhub, and a report to CASE.




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Hi @user_e98ebe, I'm sorry to hear about this. We will need to look into your account details for this which we don't have access to here in the Community for privacy and security. So, kindly contact our Customer Service team through Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below. Rest assured, they will do what they can to straighten this out and escalate this to the relevant team. Thanks for your understanding.

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