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Sat, May 7, 2016 1:00 AM

Plus 3 not available for existing contract customers

I called marketing and asked if I can add Plus 3 options. I recontracted in September 2015 with 4G 5 plan. Now I and working on the go and there's an increase in usage, hence I want to increase data. But they say nope. Not for us old timer with Starhub (16 years). It's only for renewal and new client. If I want to add-on now, it's SGD8 per 1GB.


Starhub says the plan is there for existing contracted customer to add in Plus 3 but not sure when as they are still gathering customers feedback. Really, Starhub? If you open up this option immediately, I believe more people will add it immediately vs pondering SGD8 per GB. Wouldn't that increase your ARPU immediately by at least SGD3 per postpaid user instead of what is reported in your financial report few days ago of a mere SGD1 to SGD69?

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4 years ago

Hi  @alamak


Since you have this idea with you, you can create as a  New Ideas  

In this way, some users would able to  "Vote"  on your idea.

If there is more votes, Starhub may look into this.

Click on the link to; (1)  Create a New Idea;

Or,  (2)  About Starhub Ideas Exchange, to read more about New Ideas Exchange.



Create &or Submit a New Idea



2.  Go to this link to read more on about this New Ideas Exchange.

Starhub Ideas Exchange

And click on the  "Submit an Idea" to create &or submit your idea.

It is not necessary to made a post in that thread.


I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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