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Tue, Sep 16, 2014 10:00 AM

Lost iPhone and can't recontract

Hello, I have had a contract from March 2014. Recently, my iphone was stolen. I have suspended my line and also filed a police complaint but chances of me getting my phone back are slim at best. I dont want to be left without a phone so the option as I see it for me is as follows - I pay retail price for a new iphone and get a new SIM. The "retail price" of phones from Starhub are much higher than whats online on the apple store.  If I get a new SIM and reactivate my line and buy an unlocked phone from Apple store, would I be able to use that? Just trying to cut my losses, as this happened due to no fault of mine. 

What I could gather from online sources,  seems to suggest that it would work.  Please advise. Any help would be much appreciated.











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