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Mon, Oct 3, 2016 7:00 PM

Iphone 7

Does the recontract price for Iphone 7 varies everyday? Remember I saw it was about $400plus few days back for the $60plus monthly plan but yesterday it was $500plus



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5 y ago

Hi Yupei, just to check, did you select the same model and capacity?


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5 y ago

Hi  @Yupei


Are you referring to Online store or Starhub shops.


Online store has its own pricing and cheaper, different from Starhub shops.

Starhub shops pricing is based on the Starhub broucher pricing.


The changes are mainly on for some handsets promotion, a short period.

I do monitor on this pricing, that it to collect the broucher from the Starhub shops, once a fortnight or so.

That is to say my recontract may be due soon, but not yet.

When i did the recontract, the pricing went up which caught me by surprise.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.


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5 y ago

Yes, in general, unless there are online exclusive promotions or promotions available only at StarHub Shops, handset prices are generally the same on both platforms. We recommend you to stay tuned to our Facebook page and Online Store for online exclusive offers Smiley Happy -Jolene 

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