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Wed, Jun 9, 2021 9:19 AM

I would like to file a formal complain and please help me asap

In May, I have purchased a new iPhone 12 set with a 5G CIS plan.  During the sales process, I clearly told the sales personnel that I would like to port over my wife's Singtel prepaid sim number to this new purchase.   At that time, the sales personnel assured me that it is feasible.  So I had bought the phone and the 5G plan.  I was being assigned to a new phone number and been told that later on I could go to Singtel to port over the prepaid sim number.

Last Friday, My wife and I walked to the Jurong Point Starhub shop to do this port over.  The personnel who stood at the front of the shop counter-suggested us to swap the Singtel prepaid sim to Starhub prepaid sim first, then we could port the Starhub prepaid sim number to the existing CIS plan.  We then followed his suggestion and did the prepaid sim port over first.

Today, I have visited the Jurong Starhub shop and hope to finish the second part of his suggestion.  The finding is so disappointed. 

First, the personnel who take care of me decline my request immediately and ask me to call 1637

Then, I call 1637, and being bounced twice.  And being asked to call 1630 instead.

Then, in 1630 and being bounced another 4 times and eventually being told "confirmed cannot be done"

If that is the case, I will not buy the phone and the CIS plan via Starhub instead I will do it with Singtel.

Can anyone look into my case immediately? 





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12 d ago

Hi @user_cd011d, we are sorry that we have not met your service expectations. We understand that you are frustrated about this. Please know it's not our intention to make things difficult for you. We will need to look into your account details for this to which we don't have access here, so kindly contact us through Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below so we can straighten this out. Once again, apologies for the inconvenience. 

~ Carla



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