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Fri, Jul 16, 2021 1:44 PM

High billing charges due to accidental data roaming

Hi there, 


I've recently checked my mobile bill and got a shock when I saw that it has amounted to about $500-$600 a month when the usual is only $200 due to data roaming charges.


This particular phone line is in used by my husband whom is working in Malaysia and had accidentally turned on data roaming on his phone. Granted it was his own fault for accidentally turning on the data roaming option, the usage was unnecessary as he has his own Malaysian phone plan and house wifi .


I'm rather appalled that there's no maximum cap that Starhub applies to situation like this.  As the bills were auto deducted from his account, he only noticed it after 2 billing cycles.


I've called your billing department about this issue, and had only been offered a $50 waiver, which is paltry in comparison to the size of the bills.


We have been using Starhub’s suite of services from internet to television, and I hope that some leniency can be allowed in this accidental incident.


Thank you,

May Yap





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2 m ago

Hi @user_39bde9, I'm sorry to hear about your predicament. Unfortunately, I'm unable to help you with your concern here in the Community since we don't have the authorization to give a waiver here. You may contact our Customer Support by clicking the link below for further assistance. Thank you. 




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2 m ago

Hi @May Yap you may want to download the Starhub app to manage your data, both local and roaming. I find it useful in keeping track of my usage and it will alert me as well. For roaming, I think there is an option to get alerts is your data exceeds $100.

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