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Wed, Jun 5, 2013 1:00 AM

Hand set upgrade issue

Dear starhub,


I am very unhappy with the service provided from the customer service and road show sale team.

1.5mths ago, I made request for a handset upgrade to Iphone 5 and also change from 3g to 4g. I was promised by the sale guy that the unit will be deliver 2 weeks from the road show date.


Till today the unit is still not here. when I called up to find out a few days ago to find out what happen to my handset and they told me they lost my application forms, next day they call to say they found the form but no more black iphone available. The sale guy told me to wait for 2 weeks for the next shipment so that they will proceed my handset upgrade. I wait for 2 weeks and 2 days ago a lady called and said the delivery of 32gb black Iphone 5 will be deliver today 05/06/13 in the morning session. In the end no one came.

To top it off, as a consumer i have to make a call myself to ask about the status of the delivery and guess what. At this very moment, the sale guy say they got no more black iphone 5 unit. They even ask me if i mind settling with white iphone 5. after all the delays and sloppy service provided by starhub, the sale guy just ask me to settle down with a white unit (which in the first place the lady promised everything will be in order - black iphone 5, 32gb.).


What kind of service is this??

If I don't pay for the white iphone 5 unit and my mobile phone bill for the next 2 yrs and yet still utilise the line, would you mind?


Please refer to your starhub vision and mission statement. Clearly you are not providing that kind of service as what it states there.


Lastly, how long do I (once again) have to wait for my BLACK IPHONE 5, 32gb, handset?


reference to application form: RMB4041461 (Handset Upgrade Form)




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8 y ago

Hi Shogen79

Can you drop me your details via PM? Thanks.

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