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Tue, Jan 15, 2013 12:00 PM

Frustrated "Call back within 24hrs"

Hi Community,

maybe I have found the right place to vent out my frustration... 2 weeks ago I call up 1633 at 1.30am as I found the mobile number that I have been looking for a very long time and it is available.. The customer service lady put up the request for mi and say the change of mobile number dept will get back to me within 3days. As usual, no calls to me after 3 days i called to 'follow up' on my request and got this "call back within 24hrs" promise from another customer service officer. Again as usual, no calls and third time I call up on a beautiful morning, the customer service officer told me that number is taken up and there is NOTHING they can do about it!!!!!!! I urgently need a change of mobile number and that is the number that I have been looking for!!!!!!!

i have been with Starhub for almost 10yrs and had asked lots of friends to port over but is this what Starhub offers to me??? 

Now, I got request, who would be able to call me within 24 hrs and solve my problem once and for all?


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9 y ago

Hey LaLa91


Could you leave your contact details over at I will get my team to assist you further on this matter.

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