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Mon, Jun 22, 2015 2:00 AM

Downgrading of Mobile Plan during Early Recontract



My dad is a Hub Club member. 


His mobile number is eligible for early recontract now. He is currently on the Smartsurf Lite plan.


He intend to recontract with 4G 4 plan now.


Will he be able to recontract using the Hub Club early recontract waiver 12 months later, to a lower-tier plan, such as 4G 3? Will he need to pay any penalty due to the downgrading of plan?


Thank you.



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5 years ago

For "Annual Handset Upgrade"  (early recontract), the existing mobile contract must be from 13rd months onward. 

You cannot downgrade the existing mobile plan.

Starhub will consider it as Termination of Mobile Line.

You can recontract on the same mobile plan and any higher plan.


The Smartsurf plans are no longer offer, as being replace by 4G plans.





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5 years ago

Hi @bluez


The HubClub early recontract waiver can be applied if your dad wants to recontract his phone line and upgrade it to a 4G 4 plan, assuuming that your dad has fulfilled a minimum of 1 year out of the 2 year contract.


The equivalent of the Smartsurf Lite plan is actually the 4G 3 plan. Thus your dad would not be 'downgrading' his plan. You might want to call into 1630 to check with them about the change of plan fees.

Santosh Rai

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4 years ago

@eric3743 wrote:


You cannot downgrade the existing mobile plan.



Dear all, 


Correction to the above reply. 

You are able to downgrade your mobile plan in 2 scenarios and they are as follow.


1) You are able to downgrade your mobile plan at the point of recontract (from 13 months onwards, note eatly recon fees of up $300 would apply).

2) You are able to downgrade your mobile plan upon completion of your 24 months mobile contract.



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