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Andy Schmid

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Mon, Jun 27, 2016 9:00 PM

Data Upsize VAS (1GB) Promotion turns into chargeable service

I just discovered on my mobile bill that Starhub is charging me for "Data Upsize VAS (1GB)" $8 per month on two of my services I have with them. I never use my data allowance so I think I never requested this.


Going back to my initial contract and bills I noticed that this was included for the first 3 months as a FREE promotion for I think new HomeHub customers. After the 3 months promotion Starhub just turned this into a chargeable item.


I think this is very sneaky behaviour and yes of course there will be some fine print somewhere in the 15 pages of T&Cs I signed that will tell me that this will happen but I didn't read it.


I would have thought that at a minimum an SMS or email could have been sent by Starhub alerting that the free promotion period for this VAS is over and it's going to be chargeable if I not cancel it.


So for anybody signing up with Starhub and getting FREE promotional services make sure you cancel!



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4 years ago

Hi  @Andy Schmid


For promotion on giving free 3 months &or a period of time, 

and when the promotion had completed 3 months free, it will auto added as paid VAS.


For Data Upsize VAS.

Do check on the the VAS on this Data Upsize -> VAS Data Upsize  

This is a standard VAS pricing.

For this VAS on "Data Upsize" you can refer to the link above, as there is no promotion stated.


Many just take the free for 3 months subscription, without thinking about when the promotion end.

And there is no SMS on the warning &or notices, as similar to Caller ID service.

These issues including Trial period, Promotion period, etc.

When Trial &or Promotion ended, either the service is terminated Or continue with charges.

Meaning that it is either  "Opt In"  Or  "Opt Out", respectively.


This is the same as for Free Caller ID for 3 months, upon signup.

And after the 3rd month, the normal rates apply.

Promotion is only apply for a period of time &or included as part of the promotion package.

Also there is no mentioned on "Promotion" in the Standard T&C overall.




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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4 years ago

@eric3743 thansk for the information.


I understand the promotion is only given for 3 months but I am somewhat surprised that it automatically turned into a chargeable service after 3 months without notice.


I don't recall 100% but I don't think the staff at Starhub explained sufficiently that this will be chargeable after 3 months. They just said we give you 1GB data upsize for free for 3 months.


Even then I am surprised that it can just turn into chargeable service without notice. How hard would it be for Starhub to send me an SMS to tell me this is changing at the end of the promotion period? 


I think it be jsut ethical businesss practice to inform your customers but doesn't seem to be the way Starhub operates. This is just annoying and will certain influence my provider decision when my renewal comes up.

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3 years ago

I believe this so call "unethical business practise" is used by all operators in Singapore, normally when i sign up for any contract service, mobile or broadband, i always check with the service officer which of these "add ons" are free for a certain period only, and to avoid forgetting to cancel, i tend to opt out or cancel them when i sign up, and forgo the free 3 months of use, as I rather not enjoy it tend to have to remember to cancel. (my sister sets a reminder on her smartphone for such matters to be alerted when to terminate services).

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