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Fri, Apr 21, 2017 9:00 PM

CSO gave false infomation

Called in to starhub hotline a few days ago to check on my recontract availability, was told by the CSO that my homehub go was eligible for early recontract with free waiver. Went down to starhub today to do the recontract with the s8+, was told by the counter staff that there was no waiver. Called in to hotline and another CSO told me that I'm not entitled to free waiver. Here's the issue, if I was told correctly in the 1st place that I wasn't entitled to the free waiver for homehub go, I would have done the recontract on another number instead. I am disappointed with the fact that the 1st CSO provided inaccurate information and firstly having to pay the early re contract fee and secondly, doing a recontract on a service that I was promised for a free waiver. 


Josephine C



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3 years ago

Hi Marqueslhl, please send me a private massage with your StarHub Account number, NRIC/FIN, contact number and email address so that I can check and assist you on this. Thank you.- Josephine

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