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Mon, Nov 22, 2021 11:24 PM

Cheat my dad to signed a new contract.

My dad went to starhub plaza Singapura twice for port in line from M1 under his name. 

The first time proof: <Notification> StarHub: Dear customer, your queue number: 1085 has been called, We look forward to serve you at Meeting Point. Thank you. 14/04/21 03:08 PM

The staff at plaza sing did not let him the portability paper in full so his port in time got delayed.

I contacted StarHub business helpdesk personally and ask for assistance as proof below:

Dear Ms. Koh,

We refer to our conversation on 5 May


As you have requested, attached is the portability form. We hope we have provided adequate assistance.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Customer Service – Business Helpdesk

My dad went down to starhub May 31st to sign the form. Plaza sing staff Joshua helped him to sign up a new personal line instead. That is why now there is a dispute. You need to waive off that personal line and change into his main line under corporate. He was not aware it turn out to be a new line with a 12 mth contract. You see your side created such a complicated issue and till now still yet to settle. Please do not expect customer to pay 2 line for your staff mistake.
We find out in 24th Sep 2021 which my dad didn’t even know that this bill exist.

Backend if there is any problem should be settle behind. Just because your sales side want new sales and signed my dad up for new contract and he is paying for 2 lines which is not right! Please get back to me. I do not want to drag further.  Proper waiver should be done for that new line which is not suppose to happened and the new no he got from M1 suppose to change his existing mobile line.

Please don’t cheat aged people into new contract like this. I got the whole email correspondence as proof and indeed Plaza Sing outlet issues. And should be rectify asap not sit in the problem like this.  We trusted Starhub will not do this to pioneer Singaporean. Please get back to me.




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16 d ago

Hi @user_5e3773, we're genuinely sorry to hear about this. I would like to assist you, however, we have stopped processing account-related issues in the Community as we can no longer access account details for privacy and security. In this case, kindly direct your query to our Customer Service team over to Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below. Rest assured, they'll do everything they can to straighten this out. Thanks! 

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