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Thu, May 5, 2016 7:00 PM

Add SharePlus line to SIM only plan

I have a SIM only plan and would like to add a SharePlus line for my daughter. I was told I cannot because I am on Dependent Pass. Her prepaid SIM is already in my name. What are my other options and the costs? 

Can I transfer ownership of my account to my husband (on EP) then add SharePlus? What would the costs be (initial and ongoing monthly costs)?

Can I sign her up for SIM-only plan in my name? What are the costs?


PS. On the Starhub App it still says the store at level 1 in Plaza Singapura is closed for renovation and directs customers to the basement store, which is now closed.


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Ng Wei Hao

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5 y ago

Yes, you can transfer your account to your husband name including the addition of SharePlus Service, however please note that it will be subject to eligibility check, for more information on transfer of ownership please refer here

Cost involved:
• Transfer ownership Fees (One Time) = $21.40
• SharePlus Monthly Subscription = $8.03 per month
• Prepaid to Postpaid Porting = $37.45 for NEW SIM Card (One Time) if you wish to retain your daughter’s existing Prepaid number.

The cost of SIM only plan sign up is a one-time SIM Card Activation Fees of $37.45.
However, if you need us to check if you are able to sign up for SIM only plan under your name, please send us your account details to so that our customer support team will be able to assist you further.

Lastly noted on the feedback about Plaza Singapura outlet information in MyStarHub App, we will alert the relevant team to correct the information.

Thank you

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