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Sat, Sep 26, 2020 7:39 AM

Absurd Sim Card exchange policy

I find it absurd thatas a Starhub customer for the past more than 20 years that rules pertaining to SIM card exchange cannot be relaxed.


So recently I bought a new mobile phone (new international set). My SIM card is not detected on this phone. Note that this SIM card is probably more than 10 years old. I went down to a mall Starhub outlet and the customer supprt desk person kindly told me that to exchange is a 37 dollar charge; BUT for faulty SIM card it is free. Well to me my SIM is faulty as I can't use it! Testing revealed that the SIM card is detected on a test set. 


To me the SIM card is faulty regardless (since this model is last Oct's release), and should be exchanged FOC considering its age. I jokingly then said well "If I put it in the microwave and  came back and it  is undetected on my phone and your test set, it will be faulty and exchanged free?" , to which response is YES. Ridiculous policy.


I'm Flabbergasted at this SIM replacement Policy. Once my mobile services contract run out, I'm going to port over to another company that treasures my money. Make the right call or lose a customer.





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a month ago

Hi @maxxi666, we understand your sentiments, and please know that we value your feedback. Just to share, we have this Ideas Exchange, where customers can post their idea and feedback on StarHub products and services where users can vote for an idea/feedback and once it receives more than 20 upvotes, thereafter we will consider it internally to make it happen.


Your feedback is the same with @lime0124, you may upvote his idea here

~ Carla



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