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Sun, Mar 21, 2021 11:46 PM

Starhub Overall Service

Recontract my subsription plan, engineer come to my home and exchange the modem. Engineer told me need to wait for 15min before the new parameters are transfer, mention that internet is working. Ask me to sign the service order without verify the system is working.

Obivously both TV and Wifi is not functioning. Call technical hotline by 2 family member for 2 hours to get the WIFI working as work from home on Monday. Hotline technical support knowledge is good but please do not expect consumer as knowledgeable to solve the starhub issue. All help through hotline fail and ask for on site support, request can only be fullfil 2 days later as schedule is all full.

Seem like hotline personnel do not understand comsumer frustration over this issue.

Worst of all, when I use Starhub Apps on my mobile, I can find a slot on the next day. What is happening??

Next day, same engineer come to my house. My first greeting is "Hello, is you again" He replied " Yup, you rate me very poorly in the survey and I get complain" Obviously throughout the job, he look not very happy though he is cover with a mask. When I ask him questions, refuse to answer and choose to ignore. Again this show poor Starhub service, he should understand if he did check in the initial installation and verify is working, he will not get the complain. He mentioned is "backend problem", I think this is an lousy excuse.

I use starhub again as my old folk are use to the system, I experience the same problem for my own home last year. Starhub need to wake up. 






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6 m ago

Hi @Chojs, warmest welcome to GreenR Community! Thanks for your continued support to StarHub. To address your concern, we are genuinely sorry for all the trouble this unpleasant situation has caused you. Meanwhile, we thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us today. It is through your feedback and comments that we identify areas that need improvement on our end. Thanks. 

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