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Mon, Jun 1, 2020 11:00 PM

Why is click and collect not available?

I wanted to early recontract for the Samsung Galaxy S20+ in Red, but I've been trying since yesterday with no avail and the Click and Collect wasn't an option at all. 


But why is it that, Click and Collect is available for Apple devices like iPhone 11, and 11 Pro? While I've tested with S20+ in ALL COLOURS, S20 in all colours and even Note 10+ with no avail? Why is there a disprecency?





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1 y ago

Hi @lerawrr, thanks for your interest to recontract to StarHub. The Click & Collect might not be available because the stocks of Samsung Galaxy S2 meant for that option have been sold out. 


And welcome to Greenr Community! Many thanks for joining the community. 


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