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Tue, Oct 28, 2014 3:00 AM

Unable to purchase iPhone 6 Plus (Silver) 64GB online with CIS Plan



I wanted to purchase iPhone 6 Plus (Silver) 64 GB online but the system won't allow me to do so . I saw it available online moments ago but couln't buy it due to my contract is tied to CIS Plan. I've called Starhub 1630 about my problem last week, they say will get back to me regarding the stocks availability but till now I've not receive any response from Starhub.


I am aware of all the iPhone 6 Plus (Silver) especially 64gb are all out of stock at all Starhubs shops. Can I reserve one instead with Starhub since I can't order one online when I should able to do so? And also since I can't get it at any Starhub shop. Please advise on this. Thanks.



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7 y ago

Hey Wei Xiang, could you drop us your details at http://bit.ly/StarHubQuery?

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