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Fri, Sep 17, 2021 12:43 PM

Poor mobile coverage

Hi I've just shifted to a new house and the network here is horrible. I keep receiving missed calls notifications(no network missed calls) even when my phone is on.

I've tried the recommendation via FB message of switching switching on and off the phone. Taking out the sim card and placing it in another phone. Even choosing manual network. Its definately the network because using a simcard from OTHER telcos(yes more than 1) on the same phone i am able to get full bar and 4G too. The same applies for others using STARHUB mobile users. When my parents came over they too were having difficulty with the network. So its definately a TELCO NETWORK issue. 

Its quite sad that even though i have signed up for 5G plan and having bought a 5G phones at my own home im getting HSDPA to no network.




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1 m ago

Hi @mohamadhafiz, I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing poor reception with StarHub. Let me share that you can enjoy StarHub's 5G in these locations, most outdoor areas. Plus, we’ve even expanded our coverage indoors to selected shopping malls in our continual efforts to enhance our coverage and bring 5G even closer to you. 


You may contact our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below so they could further assist you. 

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