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Sun, Aug 23, 2020 5:00 PM

My handphone mobile data can not use for Apps

I have faced mobile data connection issues since 22Aug. My huawei mate 20 was working fine before that. There was a update of STARHUB.SG After the update, i only can browse web site with text. Any photo and videos can not be loaded. And all apps showed that network is offline. 


I still can call and recieve the message. I switched my SIM to another phone, it works. I use another SIM to my phone, also not working.


I restarted many time, and check all setting, do not know what is wrong.


I am suspecting that the update caused my phone setting changed. But do not know how to check


please help and advise how to do.





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2 months ago

Hi @quanrang, welcome to Greenr Community. Many thanks for joining us here. As this will require further technical assistance, we need to refer you to our Customer Care Support via Facebook or Twitter. You may also contact Huawei Service Centre's hotline 800-852-6666 (Toll-Free). 

~ Carla



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