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Wed, Apr 28, 2021 10:18 AM

HomeHub+ 2G and 4G $50 SIM Only 1 year plan

I am currently on New HomeHub Plus and have 3 mobile lines on 2 year plans with 30 % discount and eligible for re-contract in Sept. If I re-contract my New HomeHub Plus to HomeHub+ 2G and all my 3 mobile lines on 2 year plans to 4G $50 SIM Only 1 year plan this Sept, will I still continue to enjoy 30% discount for all the 3 mobile lines re-contracted to 4G $50 SIM Only 1 year plan ?





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2 m ago

Hi @SGTJAB01, thanks for your interest to recontract. Our new 4G SIM Only plans offer big data and outgoing minutes bundles at very affordable prices. Hence, Hub Club discounts will not be applicable with the new 4G SIM Only plans. 

~ Carla



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