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Sat, Aug 5, 2017 9:00 PM

Cannot connect to 4G on Mifi

I am using a happy prepaid sim on a tp-link M7450. I have configured it to connect to 4G only and it has been working all along for 6months. Suddenly last week, it shows no service. If I change the setting to 4G preferred, it can connect to 3G and will not switch to 4G at all. I'm stucked on 3G. 


I tried putting the sim into an iPhone and I'm able to get 4G signal tho. 


I am using APN shppd with no username and password (same setting as iPhone)


Can I check why the mifi device cannot connect to 4G? I have not change any setting on the mifi nor did any firmware upgrade. Did starhub change any policy? Anyone facing the same issue on a mifi device?



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4 years ago

Hi there, please PM me the subscriber's NRIC/FIN and prepaid number. I'll get the relevant team to assist. - Sofia


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