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Sat, Sep 4, 2021 3:49 AM

5G problems and nobody can fix it

I have been having constant network drops on my phone and the call centre has been unable to resolve the issue. Everytime I call I have to repeat myself. The agents don't seem to check the database and say they will open a case for me. There is already a case open!

I need to speak to someone who has empowerment to fix this. I have asked to speak to a manager and have been told there is no one else they can escalate to. This is ridiculous. I am paying for service that is non-existent.

Please provide the name and email address of someone who can resolve this.




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2 m ago

Hi @user_48b98f, we're genuinely sorry to hear sorry to hear you are experiencing poor reception with StarHub. Please know it's never our intention to make things difficult for you. As you've mentioned that there is already an open case, you may contact our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below so they could follow up on your concern. Thanks for understanding. 

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