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Sun, Nov 11, 2018 4:00 PM

Cannot link Hub ID

Hi, I have just sign a starhub postpaid plan during the past tech show.


When I trying to link the Hub ID to starhub account, the system prompt me that "the NRIC already exsit in the system". I search through google and community here and I think that this issue has been happened all around.


Hey Starhub, I think there is some logic problem at your website.

Please take a look seriously instead of having user like us report the problem to you guys and solve it one by one manually.


And last, sorry for my bad English =]



New user who just sign a Starhub plan but get frustrated by their website


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3 y ago

Hi , please PM us your subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address to https://bit.ly/2S5w5qq, we’ll arrange for assistance.

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