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Mon, Jun 22, 2020 2:00 AM

MondayMusic: 90s Love Songs Still Worthy to Listen

We’ve got some decent love songs we keep on hearing right now. But let’s be honest, they don’t even remotely compare to the ’90s music which blessed us. There were sappy pop hits to sexy R&B beats. Indeed, the ’90s had a love song for pretty much everyone. And the best part? We can still relate to most of the songs. Here are some 90s love songs you might want to listen to.

My Heart Will Go On — Céline Dion

This song was the track from the 1997 blockbuster film Titanic, which is one of the most romantic movies of all time. Moreover, the song is so timelessly romantic that will touch your heart even if it has been released more than 20 years ago. Listening to this will make you want to have a kind of love like Jack and Rose (not with a tragic ending though). Do I need to say more?

I Love You Always Forever — Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis' ode to love is exactly the song to listen to if you want to say how much you love the love of your life. If you have attended a number of wedding receptions, then you might have noticed this song has been played on those events, right? You like its chugging rhythm, and bright melody with Lewis’ girlish voice especially its romantic lyrics. Let this song remind you of the kind of love you deserve.

Un-Break My Heart — Toni Braxton

Technically, this song is about heartbreak, but isn’t it quite romantic that the only person who can un-break your heart is the one who broke it in the first place? Don’t you wish your ex who you still love comes back to you all of a sudden to rekindle your love? Actually, forget about wishing that, let’s just pretend your ex is chasing after you. LOL 😁

Everything I Do (I Do it for You) — Bryan Adams

Yes, it first came out over two decades ago. It has been the soundtrack to a million slow dances in the 90s. You see, the title of this song says it all. But, when you hear the lyrics “Look into my eyes, you will see what you mean to me” it’ll make you feel loved and special when someone who’s into you sings or dedicates this song to you. It does perfectly sum up the kind of love songs we loved back in the early 1990s.

This I Promise You — NSYNC

Okay, this list would not be complete without an NSYNC song. Basically, the lyrics of the song was taken from someone who has given the most romantic wedding vows you’ve ever heard and then set them to a perfectly cheesy ‘90s melody. It really does set some seriously high standards. That’s the kind of devotion from the men we all deserve, ladies. 😉


So, put all these songs together, and get romantic and feel the love with your special someone. Happy listening!




~ Carla



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