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Mon, Jul 27, 2020 12:00 AM

MondayMusic: 5 Songs to Make Your Friends Like K-Pop

Are you a K-Pop fan? Have you ever wanted to get your friends to like K-Pop so someone close to you will finally understand your excitement whenever your bias group has a comeback? Let’s be honest most people don’t want to listen to music in a language they don’t understand. That’s why you need to pick what songs to play for them if you want to give the best first impressions of K-Pop songs to your friends. Here are 5 starter K-Pop songs for your friends to listen.


Ddu-Du Ddu-Du – Blackpink

This is a perfect introductory song in K-Pop. Add to that the fact, that it’s a certified bop song, you really can’t go wrong with this one! In case you don’t know, Blackpink is the number one girl group right now. This track is also in the top five of the most-watched K-Pop music videos of all time.


Boy With Luv – BTS Featuring Halsey

Is BTS your bias K-Pop group? If yes, don’t forget to introduce your friends to your favourite K-Pop group. Nowadays, the group has been taking over the world as they continue to dominate international charts. So, make your friend listen to this as it’s not only an amazing song but it features American singer Halsey. Who doesn’t like Halsey?


Good Boy – GD X Taeyang

If your friend is into EDM, this one is for your friend. It is a song that is made for dancing and partying. It has the vibe of a song which you hear in a club of some sort. Aside from that, G-Dragon and Taeyang, from the K-Pop group Big Bang, make an impressive duo.


Bad Boy – Red Velvet

A great way for your friend to get used to K-Pop is to give them a Korean song that was recorded in English. Here comes Red Velvet's "Bad Boy" which has a great English version, which will help ease your friend in full Korean tracks. After listening to this, it might not be so weird when they listen to Korean songs.


Up & Down – EXID

Although, EXID is not as popular as the above-mentioned groups here. It’s an iconic song in Korea that most people dance to when they hear. There’s no reason what makes it so good, but one listen will have you bop along and copy its dance steps. Though its music video is a bit odd, something about it will inevitably draw you in.


Aside from these songs, if you know your friends are more likely to know a popular K-Pop song, you can start with that! After testing the waters with those introductory songs, you can now make your friend listen to other songs.


Which song got you into K-pop? Share your K-pop story in the comments below!



~ Carla



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