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Fri, Oct 17, 2014 12:00 AM

Five Reasons to watch Misi Tawan Baby

Are you a fan of Malay movies? On November 13, award-winning Malaysian director Ahmad Idham will be releasing his latest comedy-action flick “Misi Tawan Baby” in cinemas across Malaysia.


But fans in Singapore need not worry. For the first time ever, a Malaysian blockbuster will made available to Singaporean TV viewers on the same day as the cinema release in Malaysia.


You can catch “Misi Tawan Baby” on StarHub Blockbuster Hangat Channel 117 from 9am on November 13.


Before the release, here are just five reasons you should get psyched.


Be prepared for adrenaline-pumping action


Misi Tawan Baby will be the first Malaysian film to capture the dangerous, yet thrilling world of mountain biking. Expect lots of high-speed action as the actors traverse along rugged and barely travelled terrain – giving a glimpse into the real buzz that mountain bikers face when they navigate twisting downhill drops, long sheer climbs and rocky paths.


Misi Taiwan


Catch the on-screen romance of Kamal Adli and Erin Malek


Misi Tawan Baby will be the first time that actor Kamal Adli and actress Erin Malek have worked together in a film.


Malaysian movie fans of course know Erin for her roles in films such as Congkak, Senjakala and the recently released Awak Nak Kahwin Dengan Saya. In Misi Tawan Baby, she will be playing the same character that she portrayed in the highly rated TV series Misiku Kuza.


Kamal Adli on the other hand will be a treat for the ladies. He is now considered among the hottest bachelors alive in Malaysia after his recent break-up with Intan Ladyana. Kamal’s character will display not just physicality, but a softer, romantic side during his interactions with Erin.


Misi Taiwan


Laugh, cry, be touched


As mentioned earlier, Misi Tawan Baby is a romantic comedy, but with tons of action. Be put through a gamut of feelings, as the movie explores the relationship between Erin and Kamal’s characters, the camaderie among mountain bikers, the unspoken ties that bind family members, and the heartfelt emotions when characters are faced with conflict or self-doubt.


Director Ahmad Idham of course captures all these sentiments on-point. His experience as both an actor and director gives him a fundamental understanding of the requirements needed to play up each emotion.



Support our local actors too


Singapore’s very own Fido Ahdross will be playing a role in Misi Tawan Baby. You may remember Fido from various Suria dramas such as Selamat Malam Maria and Hingga Akhir Nanti.


Fido will be playing alongside veteran Malaysian actors like Cat Farish and Raja Ema, as well as Melodi host Zulin Aziz.




Did we forget to mention that you can watch Misi Tawan Baby on StarHub TV the same day as Malaysians get to watch it in the cinemas?


Yes, this is truly a Singapore first! Misi Tawan Baby will be broadcast on StarHub Blockbuster Hangat Channel 117, and nowhere else, on November 13. So if you’re a StarHub TV subscriber, this is something you definitely do not want to miss! Simply tune in to Ch 117 and purchase the movie at $10.70 only to enjoy viewing pleasure for 48 hours!


Best of all you can get a chance to meet the stars of Misi Tawan Baby by taking part in our contest at


Kamal Adli, Erin Malik, Fido Ahdross and director Ahmad Idham will all be down for a meet-and-greet session, as well as to show an exclusive sneak peak of the movie. 


So what are you waiting for, sign up for the contest now and don’t forget to watch Misi Tawan Baby on November 13!

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