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Fri, Oct 30, 2015 3:00 AM

5 Asian Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

You don’t have to go trick-and-treating this year to get in the mood for Halloween this year. Grab a few buddies and rent some horror flicks from just $1.90 here.


1. Villa Nabila (in Malay)



If you can’t get to the haunted house, we’ll bring one to you. Based on true stories, this film centres on an abandoned house in Johor called Villa Nabila. This documentary-style film also includes interviews with people who claim to have experiences the supernatural at Villa Nabila.


2. My Ex (in Thai)



Ah, we all know not to underestimate Thai horror films. In this one, a young and handsome superstar dumps his pregnant girlfriend for someone new. His ex-girlfriend then dies in an accident, and weird things start happening around him. The creepy occurrences leave you wondering if these are works of his ex-girlfriend. After all, they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…


3. Demonte Colony (in Tamil)



Four friends decide to come together to solve the mystery behind De Monte Colony – a well-known area in Chennai rumoured to be haunted for a long time now. Follow them on their perilous journey as encounter a dark spirit and when one of the friends gets possessed.


4. The Tunnel (in Korean)



Adapted from an actual event, this film is about five friends who accidentally kill a creepy old man at the launch party of a resort, which was once a coal mine. They try to bury the body in a tunnel, but end up getting trapped in it and face the horrors within.


5. Jalan Puncak Alam (in Malay)



Follow the story of Azizi, who is on his way home when he feels something on the backseat of his motorbike. Of course, he runs out of fuel at this crucial point. Two of his friends go on their way to help Azizi but can neither locate him nor find their way out. Watch on to find out how the story unfolds…

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