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Sun, Oct 10, 2021 3:05 AM

No new router provided to loyal customer that recontract their HomeHub+ bundle

I just recontract my Homehub+ bundle and have to change my TV STB to the new Starhub TV+ box. Now to view the free to air channels, I need to connect to the routers provided by Starhub. However, I did not received any router from Starhub with the recontract. I called and was informed that the new routers will only be given to new subscribers. This is totally unacceptable and ridiculous.

There is no price different between new sign up and recontract, why is the loyal customer of more than 10 years not given the routers but the new subscribers get two free routers?

I did not asked to change my TV box, therefore if Starhub decided to change the TV box, you should provide the routers so that customer can still view the free to air channels.

I demand an explanation for such a unfair and ridiculous treatment to your loyal customer.

Liew Boon Yeow  

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18 d ago

Just jump to another telco, they told me to reuse my router if i were to recontract.

New promotion only for new sign up.

cancel you get charged another 30+. 




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17 d ago

Hi @user_082256, warmest welcome to GreenR Community! We apologise if we did not meet your service expectations. Please note that our promotion varies from time to time and are subject to change. 

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