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Thu, Jun 17, 2021 7:49 AM

My Long Battle Against Obesity - Chapter 6

I wasn't always fat. But I ended up struggling with weight issues for nearly 25 years to date. 

It didn't use to be that bad but somehow, the weight just creeped up on me and I couldn't get rid of it.

How did I get to that horrible point? Well, you're about to find out.

Chapter 1: The Background

Chapter 2: Growing Up 

Chapter 3: Voices

Chapter 4: Newton's Cradle

Chapter 5: Adulting

Chapter 6: The Descend

Budgeting with a small salary does not exist - especially when I ate all of my meals outside. 

As with all office jobs, I gained weight and with a massive system migration that required me to work for over 16 hours a day, my weight ballooned to a massive 104 kg.

I was not eating because I was hungry. I ate because I needed something as a distraction - much like chewing gum. Except it was food and in larger quantities.

The truth was that I felt I wasn't getting anywhere in life and the sheer hopelessness of the situation forced me into depression.

I felt I could do nothing about it and nothing I could do would ever get me out of the hole I had found myself sinking into.

It was a very bad situation - personally. And I was stuck with nowhere to turn.

Chapter 7 will come soon. Stay tuned~

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For the nth time, thanks for sharing your story here in the Community @AmyContrary. Looking forward to read the next chapter. 

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