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Mon, Apr 19, 2021 1:56 AM

My Long Battle Against Obesity - Chapter 4

I wasn't always fat. But I ended up struggling with weight issues for nearly 25 years to date. 

It didn't use to be that bad but somehow, the weight just creeped up on me and I couldn't get rid of it.

How did I get to that horrible point? Well, you're about to find out.

Chapter 1: The Background

Chapter 2: Growing Up 

Chapter 3: Voices

Chapter 4: Newton's Cradle

It wasn't until Secondary 3 that it finally sunk in. To lose weight fast, I took slimming pills and the weight slid right off.

I would never be as slim as some of my classmates were - but I was no longer the dreaded heavily fat I hated to hear. I was just normal based on just how I wore my uniform.

Still - it didn't matter. I was still too slow, unathletic, a bookworm, teachers' pet, arrogant... Labels I were given that I sometimes couldn't understand. 

But I could cope with those and it was all that mattered. I moved on to college and my world crashed. My family went bankrupt. 

We still had a house - but everything else was gone. And I could only maintain my weight via slimming pills for so long.

So I rebounded. 

Chapter 5 will come soon. Stay tuned~

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Thanks for entrusting us with your stories, @AmyContrary. We know that sharing them here in the Community likely meant revisiting painful memories and experiences that almost certainly would be easier to avoid revisiting.

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