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Fri, Jan 9, 2015 2:00 AM

Why only 1 port on StarHub Huawei ONT is active?

Any idea why only 1 LAN port on StarHub Huawei ONT is active? iDA's policy?

By the way ViewQuest is providing 2in1 device (ont + wireless router) with all LAN ports active.



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7 y ago

I wouldn't say it's insecure per se as it depends on what is attached; but just plugging a laptop into an ONT port is less secure than plugging in a router and plugging the laptop in to that.  The reason is that routers come with firewalls and can also be configured to prevent access from the internet of various protocols as well as restricting which ports are open to the internet.  A laptop can however have a software firewall installed like ZoneAlarm which will add security to the laptop similar to the hardware firewall on routers.  So depends on how you do it.

All in all though if you had more ports open on the ONT you should use a router on them; but why bother really, if you want more LAN ports the best way to do that would be to either add a switch or bridge in another router.

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