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Tue, May 21, 2013 8:00 PM

Using a VPN router from StrongVPN with or without D-Link RG DVG-N5402SP

Dear All,


i  am hoping to sign up to a VPN service like StrongVPN.


I read that you need a specific VPN router, like one in this link, for the VPN service to work, or else - will not work if just subscribe to the VPN service.





My query is :


Using a VPN router from StrongVPN with or without D-Link RG DVG-N5402SP ??




Option 1.

ask for open ONT from Starhub first,  and plug the VPN router, eg. ASUS RT-N66 - DIRECT to the ONT ??


Option 2.

Connect via the D-Link RG DVG-N5402SP ? - 

- will it make the connection slower ?




Apologies in advance - Noobie question - search all the threads - no one addressed this specifically.


Thanks in advance.








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8 y ago

All the VPNs I've used before never required me to get a "VPN Router". You can establish a VPN connection using software such as OpenVPN.

Unless of course, you're trying to make every single connection in the house pass through the VPN permanently.
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6 y ago

Hi voxboy,


I know I am a little late to the party here, but I am looking to do something similar in my home...


I currently subscribe to Starhub Fibre Optic broadband and use the modem and D-Link RG DVG-N5402SP router.


I also subscribe to a VPN.


What I would like to do is (ideally) have TWO wireless connections in my home: #1 would be the standard Starhub service while #2 would be a permanent VPN connection.  This would mean that my Apple TV could be permanently connected to the VPN connection and stream US content like Netflix, etc.  I believe this is possible by adding a VPN router as a second device to my Starhub connection.


However, I am not very experienced with this and I am having a very difficult time understanding exactly *how* to do this.  I called Starhub but the techinician didn't really seem to understand my questions/objective.


Is it possible to simply purchase a VPN router and connect it to my Starhub fibre optic modem -- basically "bridging" it?  Or do I need to add another data point in my home in order to achieve this type of configuration?

Any insight or assistance is appreciated.


Thank you very much.



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3 y ago

yeah I am also agreed with region of computer that you don't need any vpn router like I am just using FastestVPN app on my computer and it also connected to my router and I don't need any other thing

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