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Wed, Sep 7, 2016 12:00 PM


My internet is so slow for the past few months.
It has being going on and off. That is why i did not think that its a problem for me until this few days.
The slowness of my fibre broadband is so freaking bad. Bad till i am running at not even 100mbps while i am having the 1gb fibre boardband contract. PLEASE FIX THIS MATTER NOW. Its getting out of hands. send or get someone to fix this matter immediately. asaaa.jpgasdasd.jpgasaaa.jpg



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5 y ago

Hi Aaron, please do a test by connecting your laptop/desktop to the modem via LAN cable and let us know how it goes. Thank you. 

aaron lun

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5 y ago

what u mean by lan cable? even if its via wireless the speed is just ridiculous dont you think?

I use starhub speed test. And here is your answer.




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5 y ago

Hi  @aaron lun


You need to check your internet setting on your computer.


There are 2 ways to check, (not nec in order).


Go  Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing center.

On the left panel, select  "Change adapter settings".

Click on the "Local Area Connection" and then right-click select "Status".

On the Speed, is it stated  1Gbps.

If it stated 100Mbps, then this is the problem.

Meanwhile you can check on the Wireless Network Connection.

Starhub tech do not handle on wireless, as this have to go back to the router supplier.

You can also do the speedtest.


At the router, change the LAN cable (wired) that is connected to the computer, remove it and plug it to another router port.

Then do the speedtest.


If both method failed, the switch off both ONT & Router, and any other devices connect to the router.

Give it several hours, then ensure all the connection is good and firm.

Finally switch on the ONT and Router, also the computer.

Do the speed test to check on the speed.

Note: This may have change your IP Address (located when you do Speedtest.

Also change thru all the methods as mentioned above.


If all else failed, you need to provided nec report and post it here.

You can also submit to the forum staff to pass to the technical dept to follow-up, if nec.

They may require other type of report, do check with them on the procedure, if you never done before, if they response.


Do check and read about broadband.





I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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