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Mon, Jul 29, 2019 7:00 PM

starhub upgrade

This is more of a feedback to starhub.

I recently HAD TO upgraded my broadband services because starhub says it will no longer support the previous service i was having. After the upgrade my laptop and handphone cannot locate my printer.

I now understand its because the printer is still linked to the prev network and must be reconfigured.

I am not an IT savy person, I don't know how to do it so this has left me in a lurch. After calling the starhub hotline the lady said the technician has also installed the modem or router wrongly. WHAT??? Its just a few cables and its wrong?

I hope that Starhub will be more thorough in their service as in doing a FULL when they make any changes please make sure all our other devices are talking to their network too. What more in this case I did not ask for the change. Pls realise there are many ppl like me..we only know how to use the device, if there are any changes we are at a loss. The technicians should at least tell us what else will be affected and help us rectify it. Not just do their upgrade and leave. 


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